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Participation and Dynamizing

We dynamize in an attractive, fun and conscious way educational content

  • Dynamize programs and environmental education services: aimed at schools, adults, groups, companies, institutions …
  • Interpreted visits and thematic routes: elaborate routes to address specific programs (flora, fauna, water, energy, geology, ethnography …), visiting places with special environmental, urban hiking …
  • Sea classroom: We explain the treasures found on our coast (species identification, physical and chemical properties of water, coastal training …)
  • Organic gardening school, urban gardens and home gardens: we dynamize participation programs and implementation of organic gardens.
  • Projects and programs: sustainable mobility, responsible consumption, recycling.
  • Organization of environmental events, technical seminars and training courses.

Èducación ambiental re-creativa con Limonium Canarias. Aula del mar.