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At Limonium Canarias we are committed to sustainability. Our services stand out for presenting content in accessible way for encouraging experiential learning and enjoyment.

Participation: Interpreted visits, flora and fauna, nature and urban walks , seaside classes, mobility, responsible consumption, recycling, environmental conferences, development and revitalization of teaching units, sharing program …

Advisory and Consulting: Design, management and implementation of projects and dynamic management of environmental resources, education and information projects, energy advice for businesses and individuals (energy efficiency & water saving, renewable energy implementation… ).

Training: Green Homes (saving energy and water, responsible consumption, household waste, sustainable mobility …), home and urban gardening  (cultivation, materials, organic farming, biodynamic …), organization of workshops and all day courses.

Facilities: We manage facilities for public use such as Fuente Morales Nature classrooms, Environmental Resource Centre Pambaso, Eduambiental.

Environmental education, dynamization, workshops, courses, training, mobility, school garden, green homes, sea classroom .

Educación ambiental, dinamización, talleres, cursos, formación, movilidad, huerto escolar, hogares verdes, aula del mar