About us


Limonium Canarias – Aventure, recreative environment and sustainable management

Limonium Canarias was born in 1996 with the aim of improving both our quality of life and the sustainability of our planet.

To achieve these objectives Limonium Canarias develop activities and services that have two main aims: Nature and to experience of unique and unforgettable experiences.

Common Wellfare

Sustainable management and the common good in Limonium Canarias

“Generosity is a distinctive quality of man (…). Altruism marks the winner (…) only generosity generates sustainability.” Juan Carlos Cubero (foreword to the book The Economy of the Common Good by Christian Felber)

Limonium Canarias has a clear environmental and social sustainability agenda.   …

Quality and Safety

Our services are distinguished by their quality, safety and customer service

Limonium Canarias guarantees the quality and safety of our services. In addition we strive to offer the best customer’s service. We offer a personal treatment and respond to the special needs of our customers and users.

To achieve this we have: an internal system …

Algunos de los principales clientes de Limonium Canarias


Some of our major customers

Our clients stand out by taking pleasure in enjoying, learning, experiencing, sharing… they are responsible individuals and entities who value working with a company committed with quality, service, looking after our customers and, of course, with environmental sustainability and care.

Our main customers are: the main govermment administrations (Canary Islands …