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Common Wellfare

Sustainable management and the common good in Limonium Canarias

“Generosity is a distinctive quality of man (…). Altruism marks the winner (…) only generosity generates sustainability.” Juan Carlos Cubero (foreword to the book The Economy of the Common Good by Christian Felber)

Limonium Canarias has a clear environmental and social sustainability agenda.   Our management is based on the “Common Welfare Economy”. The conventional management of a company is based on maximizing financial profit. In the economy of the common good, the balance is determined on other indicators such as worker’s conditions, what is actually produced, how it is produced, environmental sustainability, social justice… based on values such as trust, honesty, responsibility, cooperation, solidarity and generosity. These aspects also apply to our suppliers: we consume local  products in line with respecting the environment. We at Limonium Canarias are clientes of ethical banking  (profits are only used for real economy – non speculative – and sustainable projects) logoebcIn addition, we are the first company in our industry to support the fight against Climate Change: Limonium Canarias offsets all CO2 emissions generated in its activity (zero carbon), we use energy and water saving elements, we use recycled paper and a system called “low impact”, promoting responsible behavior towars our natural and social environment.