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Adventure activities to test your nerves, with full safety

Sport Climbing: We suggest you start with this activity. You will progress up a climbing wall or a real rock face. We will teach you the techniques and all about the safety equipment to make sure you don´t suffer any risks. You do not need any previous experience.

Canyoning: One of the most fun and exciting activities in Gran Canaria. You will enjoy the descent of a canyon using climbing techniques, swimming, jumping …  with the help of technical equipment and security, you will be equipped with special wetsuits for the activity.

Multiadventure: Imagine enjoying a day of climbing, abseiling, kayaking, orienteering, archery? We offer you the option to compete with your group of friends.

Via ferrata and hiking adventure: A via ferrata is a unique climbing experience. We offer you the chance to enjoy a tour of “ferrata”, abseiling, and even enjoy traditional climbing and visiting a spectacular gallery. Do you enjoy it?

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